Technology that helps us work and live.

Our Nxtgen CareTM technology for senior living facilities is the perfect blend of unobtrusive data collection and user-friendly insights that will shed a light on your operations and resident well-being.

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Location aware, non-demand sensors.

All residents and front-line staff are outfitted with a wearable social bracelet – we like to call it a liveable. Our Nxtgen Care Liveable works in tandem with no maintenance solar-powered, wall-mounted sensors to gather data on resident and staff movement & engagements.

All together Nxtgen Care produces a unobtrusive, insight rich approach for data collection never seen before.

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Intelligent insights tailored for each stakeholder.

Our revolutionary business intelligence will shed a whole new light on your operations. With a resident centric approach, your staff will be empowered to focus on preventative care, spending less time on tedious time-consuming paperwork and repetitive tasks.

Management gains access to a customized dashboard offering a holistic view of operations that will help identify process improvements to be more efficient.

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Secure and private access – anywhere, anytime.

Each of your stakeholders (management, staff, resident, and families) will gain access to a smart app displaying valuable insight just for them. The app comes in both desktop and smartphone views, providing secure access to private information.

With user-friendly charts and easy to follow insights unique to them, your stakeholders will be better informed than ever.

The Nxtgen Care platform has helped us (Ridgewood Assisted Living) re-engineer the way we work and deliver care to our residents. All staff are outfitted with a liveable and smartphone app that they use constantly. Quite frankly I feel that now, we would be lost without it.

Kat Foster Crouse Kat Foster Crouse
Team Lead, Ridgewood Assisted Living

Care ScorecardTM

You can only manage and change what you can measure.

Establish and measure key Care Goals across your entire organization. Access unprecedented insights to gain efficiencies while enhancing care levels.

The M-FactorTM

It takes a community to care for seniors.

Are you providing meaningful care? Our innovative M-Factor helps care operators, resident families and outside agencies measure & monitor the health and well-being of residents.